Saturday, March 2, 2013

Driver's License

By Matthew Felsted

I remember the day I got my driver's license. It was in a crowded DMV office in the bay area of California. I had hardly skimmed over the driving manual and I hadn't even taken driver's ed. I anxiously filled out the green and white scantron and waited for my results. I passed on my first attempt!

I don't recommend skipping the driver's manual or skipping driver's ed. I already knew how to drive and I had learned everything I needed to know about road signs, driving laws, and procedures over the years of passenger side observation.

The most recent encounter with driving school and the DMV was through my roommates. Until they had their own cars and their own licenses, I was their personal chauffeur, shuttling them from one location to another. Justin had come to America from China. When he first arrived he party'd so hard that he nearly died and I had to save his life by driving him to the hospital at 3:00AM.

With that rare exception, Justin is a bright and responsible college student. He opted for driver's ed. His first car? A 2006 Jaguar. Jaguar's are famous for the rate of acceleration and how fast the British built car can accelerate to 60 miles from 0 in 4.7 seconds. He eagerly attended driving school and when it came time to take the test he passed with flying colors.

My other roommate on the other hand failed his test. He didn't read the book and he skipped the driver's ed classes. Although he is a smart person, he failed only because he didn't study.

Within a few months Justin had sold his Jaguar and moved on to another luxury car. He found the car originally after searching online first, craigslist, and then ksl, a Utah news and classifieds site. If you're looking for a new car, you can start with my car buying guide.