Getting a Driver's License

By Matthew Felsted

Getting your license for the very first time is a rite of passage and coming of age. It's an exciting milestone in your life and will bring years of power, responsibility, and privilege.

While you can learn most of what you need to know about traffic laws and more with the driver's handbook you can also educate yourself online. Online education is a great start. The best and most direct form of instruction comes in the classroom, however. Many highschools offer Driver's Ed, and you can always sign up for private driving school if you're older or want more specialized attention. The yellow pages is a great place to start. Search engines are my favorite choice because they provide the simplest and fastest way to find local services.

Start online

  1. Visit the DMV's website for your state.
  2. Read any booklets or manuals.
  3. Sign up for a driving school.
  4. Take your written test.
  5. Take your actual driving test.

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